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Mark Of The Beast

The Legal Name via the Birth Certificate Fraud is the biblical ‘Mark of the Beast’

Kate of Gaia

Legal Name: Mark of the Beast Carving Set Model 666


Religion is an odd duck far beyond what anyone could imagine. Regardless of what religio-chosis chosenitus you’re suffering from/deluded by, you still have one thing in common that crosses all of these mental illnesses and they are mental illnesses; schizophrenic psychopathy in one extreme or another. I mean really, wanting to kill someone driven by one religious fervor or another to a state of suicidal berserker pitard-ness. Boom! What all of these divided minds fail to see is what trap connects everyone where what one believes in a religious sense is unified through the same lie. As far as I remember, all churches, mosques, ashrams, sin-a-Gogs etc. use collection plates for… We’re not talking about real stuff here like gold or silver (still a trap anyway as money worshiping) mind you, we’re talking about Satan’s money created out of the…

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