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Acts Of War Against The Living

You may be unaware that you are personally committing ‘Acts of War’ against the living and this is sent to you to inform you of this or to allow you to see how that may be possible.

There are countless worldwide who are aware of and now are living in the Truth of the legal name fraud where it is illegal to use a legal name, hereafter referred to as ‘the living’ for ease of writing where the living stand in Truth in a world built upon and operated within collossal Lies whilst wishing and doing no harm by wilful intent to do so whilst it is clear that in times when one is alive and at peace and is attacked/when another wages war upon them the living who have the Creator/God-given lawful right to attempt to continue to live, where the living inform those who are ignorant that they are of the living and seek to be left alone and seek no vegeance and only need a way to continue to live/obtain the means by which to live as per their individual customs/standards of living which they have been accustomed to or which is now acceptable through changes made since learning Truth yet there are those who still worship the legal matrix illusional control system and continue with their attempts to apply that legality to/enforce it upon the living, where such actions are hereto referred to as acts of war against the living and these acts of war take the form of any/all legal/illegal or otherwise determined actions whatsoever against the living including but not limited to:

aiding and abetting the living into committing fraud via any/all deceptions assumptions presumptions that the living are a legal name and all that entails etc. such as

any/all actions which harm/interfere with/prevent the living as they go about their daily lives in their customary/chosen way of living whether by the ignorant (ignorance is no defence) or wilful trespasses upon and false applications to the living via any/all assumptions presumptions fear-tactics stressors demands threats kidnappings incarcerations rapes poisonings etc. et al which cause the living to suffer any form of mental emotional physical discomfort any deterioration of/total loss of peace health overall wellbeing creating atmospheres/situations inducing panic fear duress deprivation suffering actual bodily harm death of the flesh body, etc. et al,

where the living have already removed the assumed and presumed association to the contract made by others after the birth (Birth Certificate) whereby it is illegal to act as a 3rd party interloper into any contract and where all association with the legal matrix control system is known in their hearts and minds to have been broken and the spiritual and all other literal fraudulent contracts are instantly made


upon knowing, accepting, acting within this simple yet profound truth:


which is a false idol/graven image construct at the root of the murder-death-kill worldwide legal matrix control system.


The Legal Name is a Legal Entity and the Owner of the Legal Name is NOT the living man, woman, child, collectively the Children of Creation/God/Truth as they are born living (not dead legal entities) where the creator of the Legal Entity construct is the Owner of the Legal Name/Entity and to claim to own that which cannot be owned is fraud.


Where one is only using that which cannot be owned by a ‘dead entity’ either where one is of the living it is clear that only another of the living may possibly have any claims to make of the living in which case the living will discuss such matters amongst themselves in peace and with no interference from those demonic entities, only demons must have names, from the dead-fiction legal realm.


The innocent babe-in-arms, the child of creation, cannot be a signatory/legal consenting party to a contract made and inked shortly after entering into the physical form. The baby cannot even know where, when or what it is at that stage of development. Can you remember the exact date you were born? Can you say for certain where you were born – was it in the air, or on the sea or upon the land (of this place which has been legally divided-up into fictional bordered nation states)? Can you even say for sure who your parents were? Do you have all that first hand knowledge? Or is what you think you know only what others have told you? And don’t we know how much people tell lies! What about ‘foundling’ babies? What is the truth of their birth dates/locations/parents?

Who decides what lies to tell about their entry here into the physical realm? What fantasy of data-entry was used to create the Birth Certificates they were given to use? See? It’s all hearsay.

Yet through hearsay and false information and assumption and presumption humanity has been tricked into believing, has been taught through repetition and indoctrination that we ARE the NAME that appears on the Birth Certificate (and for those in the world who don’t yet have a birth certificate, the system is very keen to get them signed-up for one – even sending its Registrars into schools to get innocent and ignorant children to sign-themselves-into legal slavery – even though legally a child cannot enter a contract!).

The Birth Certificate is a contract usually made between the State and those claiming to be the parent/s where clearly one party enters into this contract in ignorance (as the State Registrar does not inform them of the true nature/full evil purpose of the Birth Registration and the heinous nature of the Legal Name soul-trap), hence the Original Sin/Fraud is on the part of the State/Creator of the Birth Registration concept and all that goes with the Legal Name construct.

Through years of indoctrination, assumption and presumption created by the Evil intent to enslave and parasite off of humanity we have all been fed-off of while we had no idea we were committing a fraud by using/claiming to be the legal name as this was how we were made to be guilty in the eyes of the Evil control system, so no matter what we did or didn’t do, we were criminals by default, and this is how those who would be our Masters created and perpetuated the biggest Crime and Scam ever and it’s what we thought was just ‘normal life’. We knew nothing else.

Now the truth is revealed. The fraud and scam have been revealed.


The REAL criminals are those who created the false reality matrix legal control system and those who continue – even in light of this truth which has long been revealed, shared and made public at every level of society worldwide – to worship it, those who happily or selfishly enforce it, those who in their delusions make a career out of upholding it at all costs by their determination to maintain the ‘status quo’ through their own wilful ignorance and schizophrenic/sociopathic insanity. These ones are mainly those who attempt to defend their on going allegiance to the criminal legal slavery system and try to defend their spiritual, emotional and actual bodily harms which they are personally liable for committing not just upon each other (legal name worshippers and ignorant users are not ‘the living’ as they are ‘dead’ by consent to be a legal fiction legal person) but upon the living too as they make mindless statements like, ‘I’m just doing my job’.

Typically the front line face of Evil intent are the paid mercenaries, such as armed police (terrifying criminals with guns who are so brainwashed they will hunt, steal, kidnap, rape, beat and kill and then go home and play with their children and tell their children not to do any of those things, to be nice and don’t hit your little sister/brother/friend, etc.), and those state-sanctioned thieves who by deceptions and threats of main force (armed police) believe they have the right to steal what is not theirs, to take dwellings and other items to settle the corporate money demands inked on paper (all things legal are all things fiction) which is the literal Paper Sea which humanity has been drowning in – the living and the ‘dead-by-consent’ alike.

Except the living no longer consent!

And the dead-by-consent are already ‘dead’ so the legal matrix control system doesn’t care about them at all! Well, it doesn’t care about anything but it’s own control, power and profit.

And that is why the world is in the horror-filled state that it is.

If you think you have ANY authority at all to do what you do that causes harm you are mistaken.

All perceived authority is NULL & VOID

And if you think you have any sort of education/qualification that gives you the right to take any action whatsoever/make any decisions whatsoever that causes harm, such as administer poisonous drugs, you are mistaken.

Since this legal name fraud has been revealed EVERYTHING has changed.

The world is no longer the one you thought it was.

Time to wake up.


The original Evil intent of a few, those who thought it was a great idea to enslave humanity in legality has morphed over time into a total worldwide scenario, hell on earth, where the ignorant and blind and retarded do the evil bidding of their Masters and carry-out all their dirty deeds for them, harming and killing their neighbours (and ironically themselves at the same time) in order to carry on doing the same until they die (keep their slave wages/run their businesses where all the fruits of their sweat-equity-labour are taxed in a myriad ways leaving them poorer each year and ensuring they literally pay towards the war machines) and to enhance the profit of their corporate masters (create/demand more money) from each other in an insane spiral of greed, fear, abuse, theft, death and destruction while the Evil Criminal Masterminds, those who are hidden-from-view and those who are not so hidden-from-view make obscene profits sucked-out from the very life force energy of the rest of us.

Humanity has been tricked into the murder-death-kill-horror-go-round of their ‘normal life’ where wars and all manner of slow, painful harm to all of humanity and all of nature has been just ‘business as usual’, BIG business!

If you are reading this and cannot understand


yesterday, or already today, and will harm again tomorrow if you don’t stop something you are doing which causes harm and change your mind about what you are willing to continue consenting to, then you are truly dead and any spark of pure, source, creation heart-life you may have had is gone – or was never there. Such beings are likened to ‘Bio-Borgs’.

Even ‘Bio-Borgs’ must acknowledge that something has changed – even where they cannot alter their own programming, their Masters must therefore control them. Legality is the system by which those who will not become one of the living need to be kept under a control system to prevent their lust for illegal slaughter, and the legal system does this as it is intended to do, showing the contrast between the Demon and the Living where the system will manage their own demonic-kind. Let legality deal only with those who NEED it to stop them from killing others.

Let those who are paid-to-kill demons, the police, keep the other demonic murderers off the streets, by all means. The living have no desire to be at the mercy of insane, murderous demons running about all over the place, so when you commit acts of war against the living, that’ll be what you will be letting the legal system know, that YOU are a murderous demon and need locking-up.


Where there is Good there must by contrast be Evil and this system has been created the way it is in order that one day, someone would wake-up and realise it and know that

I am not a demon.

I have no name.

I do not kill.

I do not harm.

Let me alone.

I am of the living

and share what they know with others so they can find out who they are and what they are not.


The truth about the Legal Name fraud was revealed into the consciousness and later Pope Francis stripped all corporate and spiritual immunity from EVERYONE in his

1st Motu Proprio Apostolic Letter in 2013.

The importance of which is enormous and where you thought you could steal from, or kill someone and ‘get away with it’ because it is your job and you are paid to steal or harm or kill, such as a bailiff or a soldier or a police officer or a doctor issuing prescriptions for toxic drugs/injecting poisionous drugs, etc. et al, start looking at how that situation changed.

Remember: Ignorance is no defence.

A Maxim Of Law:


Something which is not REAL is FICTION.

We have been in a state of illusion for so long.

We consented to be a part of the legal fiction realm in total ignorance and now we have truth it is up to each of us to choose what we want to support and how we shall stand before whatever our personal ideas of our own Creator/God is.

Will you stand on the side of Life or on the side of legal/literal Murder-Death-Kill?

Many have already chosen ‘Life’.

When we realise the true extent of what has been going on, and the truth that it is illegal to use a legal name, we can clearly see that the legal system enforcers/worshippers continue to use any form of forced assimilation or integration methods they can in their illegal attempts to bring the living back into the legal system jurisdiction. This constitutes just one more crime, on top of all the others that are being committed against humanity, and must stop now.

‘Forced Assimilation/Integration’ – there’s that ‘Borg’ thing again!

Commit no further Acts Of War upon the living.

Have peace. Have love for ALL the Children of Creation and know this:

What you do to one you do to all and that includes yourself because what you do to or wish upon others is that which you do to and wish upon yourself. It’s the Golden Rule.

With love, from the living


Acts Of War Against The Living – pdf file

‘Acts Of War Against The Living’ translated into Danish/Dansk



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    August 24, 2015 at 10:59 am

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  3. John L

    I have a question regarding the Crown’s ministry of injustice their latest demand is that I to do jury duty, do I just write no contract, give them notice or tell them to stop using the legal last name (in capitals)?
    Thank you.

    September 28, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    • No B.A.R card/membership here, so the only response given to this question is what you must already know: It’s illegal to use a legal name. 🙂

      October 2, 2015 at 9:48 am

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