Thoughts Along The Way


Thoughts Along The Way


Or whatever we wish to label those ‘things’ going on inside our heads.

Those flowing and sometimes fleeting images, sounds, words, colours, impressions and ideas.

That stuff of the imagination, the memory, our dream-ings.

Whatever we call them, matters not, so I’ll go with ‘thoughts’.


One day, I decided to create a space to share some of the ‘thoughts’ I have had along the way.

So here it is.

And here you are.



Remember, these are just a collection of thoughts, expressed.

What we do with our thoughts is either keep them ‘inside’ or allow them ‘outside’.

The ones I share in this space are those which, in a moment of ‘now’ had a little extra attention from me and were allowed ‘outside’.

Perhaps you will find something here of resonance, interest or curiousity, perhaps not.

Either way is perfect.


Love,  Ninja Bambi



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