Thoughts Along The Way

Thoughts Expressed With Words

These thoughts may not be what I would write today, though once, I felt they were worthy of expression, for myself, to look back on.




Seeker Of Truth

What On Earth Is That Smell

The Whore Of Babylon


Hooks, Barbs And Velcro

Stand In Truth

The Daily Register Ritual



Next Level

The Tomb Riddle

The New Name Game

The Fat Control-Err

 Truth Lies In The Mirror

Caeser Salad

Mystery of Miss Jane Marple

 D-Anger M/O-Use 

Ghost Rider


When Babe Met Caesar In The Circus

Dummies Guide To Slavery

Carry On Quoting

The Bar Coded Mind


Acts Of War 

Pound of Flesh Contract





3 responses

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  2. hi ninja.. i have read your writing of the tomb riddle and must say that there are clues to reveal that we of the living may sea.. not bound up in a crate to die on the bottom like a lobe- ster but to swim freely in these waters of Truth.. within our own being. no names here mate! ❤

    September 2, 2014 at 1:13 pm

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